Knaresborough woman heartbroken after thieves steal late mother's "irreplaceable" jewellery

Police tape in Harrogate
Police tape in Harrogate

Callous burglars have left a Knaresborough woman heartbroken after breaking into her home and stealing "irreplaceable" jewellery owned by her late mother.

Kirsten Burn's daughters were shocked to return to their central Knaresborough home from school on Monday, September 12, to find their back doors wide open.

The girls, 11 and 15, feared the burglars may still have been in the house when they found a stack of iPads and laptops gathered in the hallway.

Police arrived soon after and confirmed that they believed the burglars had been forced to make a quick exit after being disturbed.

When Kirsten arrived home from work an hour later, she was devastated to find all her jewellery had been stolen, including items belonging to her late mother.

She said: "I lost my mum when I was 35 but she was only 59 at the time and she died unexpectedly from a brain tumour.

"My two girls never really knew her and I wanted to pass her jewellery on to them. Some of it was purely sentimental.

"The burglars took her engagement ring and wedding ring and then there was a locket with pictures of us from our childhood.

"Obviously at first I was more concerned about the children if the burglars were still in the house. But I'm so upset they've taken the jewellery because it was irreplaceable.

"Even if we were able to get the money back on the insurance it wouldn't matter. The jewellery was the only thing I had of hers."

Kirsten added that every drawer and cupboard upstairs had been ransacked in an "untidy search of the property".

As well as having her mother's jewellery stolen, Kirsten revealed the burglars also made away with cash that she had recently taken our for construction work.

Kirsten said she wanted to highlight what was stolen during the burgarly in the hope that residents are aware if they are offered the goods.

"The police have told us they have a suspect and they are hoping that they can get a match from the fingerprints but I just want people to be aware.

"Officers did tell us that burglaries in central Knaresborough were unusual but later we found out that another house nearby had been broken into not long afterwards."