INTERVIEW: Video with victim of Knaresborough hoax call

The owner of the pizza shop at the centre of this evening’s drama in Knaresborough has spoken to the Knaresborough Post.

Razaul Karim is the owner of Paragon Pizza, based on the town’s High Street, which was today the victim of a vicious hoax call.

Image supplied (s)

Image supplied (s)

The family man, who has run the shop for nine years, says four of his colleagues were handcuffed during the drama.

He revealed how the evening unfolded when police stopped his colleagues in their car earlier today: “They said they had information. They said there is a gun and there is gunpowder, and bombs and explosives.

“I was really shocked. My colleagues were handcuffed. They know nothing and we are just hardworking people.

“I have got a good shop, and everybody saw the armed police, it is bad for our reputation.”

The stunned owner, who was himself stopped and searched at 6pm, says has no idea where the hoax call may have come from.

He said: “I feel really angry. It’s frightening.

“I am a family man, I have got kids.

“Everybody loves Paragon Pizza.

“I have never seen anything like this in Knaresborough.”

He continued: “I try to help Knaresborough Cricket Club.

“Yesterday I was celebrating Eid with my family.

“Now I am concerned for tomorrow. If my kids ask why I’ve been arrested, what do I tell them?”