Immigration raid shocks top restaurant


Three men were arrested after an immigration raid on a popular Indian restaurant last week.

The men, aged 23, 25 and 33 from Pakistan were arrested at Cardamom Black on Cheltenham Parade last Thursday (May 29) after they had overstayed their visas.

The restaurant now faces a potential fine of £60,000 and the men have been released on immigration bail, requiring them to report regularly to the Home Office while steps are taken to remove them from the UK.

Managing director of Cardamom Black, Nick Rahman said the experience had been ‘traumatic’ for his staff and insists that the correct legal checks had been carried out by the restaurant.

He said: “One of the men was not and has never been an employee of ours, although he had asked to be given a trial shift and as such does not feature in our records as an employee and has confirmed as much to the UK Border Agency.

“Two of the men were employees of ours and clearly when employing both employees we had the correct legal documentation.”

He added: “For one of the men we have a document saying he is allowed employment until January 2015, and we have no idea as to what the concerns with the other man are, as we have not been informed by the Home Office.”

Mr Rahman said this is the first time the restaurant has ever faced an issue and that it had come as a shock.

Under new tougher measures the Home Office can impose a civil penalty of up to £20,000 per illegal worker unless proof is provided that legally required pre-employment checks were carried out.