Henshaws School for the Blind at centre of new Jimmy Savile claims

Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile

Claims disgraced television presenter Jimmy Savile abused children at Henshaws School for the Blind are to be investigated.

The Department of Education has passed on information relating to Jimmy Savile’s conduct in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to 21 schools and Children’s homes in the UK, including Henshaws School for the Blind.

The Secretary of State for Education, MP Michael Gove, announced today that the information was uncovered as part of the document review process undertaken by the Metropolitan Police Service.

Henshaw School for the Blind is listed as being in Leeds by the Department for Education, though the charity that runs it said today it did not know if the allegations focused on its old school in Harrogate or Manchester.

A spokesperson for Henshaws Society for the Blind said: “We can confirm that we are one of the organisations that he has named as looking at historic allegations of abuse that are connected with Operation Yewtree and which refer to events many years ago.

“These relate to contact with the former Henshaws School for the Blind. It is right that steps are taken to explore these allegations, to find out what happened and why, and we will be providing what evidence we can to the enquiry and will be putting as much effort as it takes into providing the enquiry with the information they need.

“Child sexual abuse is an abhorrent crime and we are committed to ensuring that all those who are vulnerable are protected.”