Heartless thieves steal Christmas display from Knaresborough charity shop

Knaresborough Oxfam - Google Maps
Knaresborough Oxfam - Google Maps

Heartless thieves have stolen a Christmas display from a charity shop in Knaresborough.

Oxfam Knaresborough tweeted today (Tuesday, December 1) that two cream and gold Santa figures had been stolen from the shop.

The figures, measuring a six inches tall, had been donated to the shop and were part of the charity's Christmas display.

However, staff concluded that the items had been stolen on Monday after noticing they were missing and confirming no volunteers had sold them.

The shop's manager, Karyn Burnham, said: "It's frustrating and upsetting for anything to be stolen from a charity shop.

"We work here as volunteers and give our time freely. A lot of time and effort went into that display so it's frustrating, upsetting and disappointing that people think it's okay to do this.

"We can't replace them, we rely on generous donations and that's how we make money. That's why it's so frustrating when these items are taken."

This is the latest instance of Christmas decorations being stolen in the district recently after a Christmas tree was stolen from Harrogate's display at West Park.

Christmas decorations were also stolen from outside Knaresborough House last week and were found 'smashed to pieces' on Tuesday on community centre field.