Harrogate woman to stand in North Yorkshire police boss election for the Labour Party

A Harrogate-born woman who is the daughter of two police officers is to stand in the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election next month for the Labour Party.

Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 9:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 9:52 am
Harrogate-born Emma Scott-Spivey applied for the role of the Labour Party's PFCC candidate after hearing former Conservative PFCC Philip Allott’s comments about Sarah Everard.

Emma Scott-Spivey, 23, who lives in Thirsk is a student paramedic who applied for the post after hearing former Conservative PFCC Philip Allott’s comments about Sarah Everard.

Allott was forced to resign over the comments, causing the coming by-election.

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Born and raised in Harrogate, Emma is the daughter of two police officers and went to school in Harrogate.

Emma Scott-Spivey said: “The police are facing unprecedented challenges – not just from savage cuts to funding but also due to a breakdown in trust. That trust must be rebuilt and the damage done by Phillip Allott must be repaired.

“People in North Yorkshire need a commissioner who recognises their concerns and works to address them. One who puts local people above party politics.

“Our police and fire services must have a commissioner who they can trust, who understands the sacrifices they make every day and the pressures the face. They need a commissioner who will fight to make sure they have the resources they need to keep us safe.”

On deciding to put her name forward to be Labour’s candidate, Emma said: “When I heard Phillip Allott’s comments about Sarah Everard and his view of endemic violence against women, I thought of every patient I’d ever attended in an emergency who was unwilling to involve the police.

“When the victims of crimes are reluctant to involve the police we have a serious problem.

"Mistrust is infectious, and as the daughter of two dedicated and recently retired police officers who tirelessly served local people, it pains me to see the growing disillusionment towards the public servants who here to protect us.

“Women crossing the road at night, keys between fingers, to avoid men walking behind them.

"Families with no faith that their children will be kept safe and young people marginalised and pushed into crime. All deserve better.

“We have police officers, like my parents, who despite dwindling resources and reduced funding, dedicate their lives to making communities fairer and safer.

"We need a commissioner who will restore trust and give a voice to all of those people.”

If elected Emma will:

Rebuild trust in North Yorkshire’s commissioner

Fight for a fairer funding deal for North Yorkshire and for all those who keep us safe


Tackling the epidemic of violence against women and girls

Eliminating county lines drug dealing

A crackdown on crime against the elderly

Extra resources for dog thefts and crimes against animals

Improving police and fire services in rural and coastal communities

Voluntarily ‘submit to recall’ as set out in the Recall of MPs Act 2015 Donate 20 per cent of the PFCC salary to local causes

The other candidates in the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election which will take place on November 25 are:

Zoe Metcalfe (Conservative Party)

Keith Tordoff MBE (Independent)

James Barker (Lib Dem)

For more information on the elections go the website at: www.northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk/elections/