Harrogate MP welcomes legal highs ban

Deadly legal highs have been taken by children as you as 12.
Deadly legal highs have been taken by children as you as 12.
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A new law to ban deadly legal highs which have become a growing blight on the streets of Harrogate has been welcomed by the town’s MP.

Government plans to outlaw all new psychoactive drugs were outlined in The Queen’s Speech to Parliament.

It comes in the wake of a Harrogate Advertiser campaign to outlaw the lethal drugs, which have been taken by youngsters as young as 12.

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones, who backed the campaign, said: “The bill to ban so-called legal highs is welcome. These substances are chemically similar to the dangerous substances which are already illegal. At the moment, the law takes time to catch up with each new substance as it is developed, meaning potentially lethal drugs are readily available.

“The Advertiser campaign on this issue and my own meetings with constituents about the effect of these substances have been very powerful. Lives have and are being wrecked. It is time for action and the new Bill will give the authorities the necessary powers to take that action.”