Harrogate concern at 'creepy' man approaching women at beauty spot

Popular nature spot in Harrogate - Nidd Gorge.
Popular nature spot in Harrogate - Nidd Gorge.

There are concerns in Harrogate about what has been described as a "creepy" man approaching women at a popular nature spot.

The police have advised members of the public to report any suspicious behaviour in Nidd Gorge.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "The reportee did the right thing by contacting the police with her concerns.
"Details of this incident have been passed to local Neighbourhood Policing Team officers, who will be able to offer reassurance and investigate further reports."
"Reports of suspicious or concerning behaviour can be made by calling us on 101."

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The police's response comes after a member of the public reported being approached in Nidd Gorge by what she described as a man who was "creepy."

She posted later that there had been other incidents in the Nidd Gorge (Scotton Banks bridge area) of a man in his 40s dressed as a runner approaching women walking alone or with their dog.

The member of the public emphasised that when the incident happened to her on February 6 she hadn't been physically touched or assaulted in any way but there was "something creepy about it."

She said there had been other incidents since then and she wanted to spread the word for women to take care in the area.