For sale: North Yorkshire Police HQ ahead of £7m move

021214 North Yorkshire Police Headquarters , Newby Wiske Hall at Newby Wiske near Thirsk.
021214 North Yorkshire Police Headquarters , Newby Wiske Hall at Newby Wiske near Thirsk.

North Yorkshire Police's current Newby Wiske headquarters has been officially up for sale ahead of the force's £7m move to Northallerton next year.

In August last year, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan, completed the purchase of Alverton Court offices in Northallerton.

The force are due to move into their new building in autumn 2017 and, ahead of the move, Mrs Mulligan has confirmed that the Newby Wiske is now up for sale.

North Yorkshire Police have been based at the Grade II-listed country home for nearly 40 years, after being used as a training centre for the old North Riding Constabulary from 1954.

The Police and Crime Commissioner said putting the offices up for sale was a 'welcome step' to moving the force into less expensive more suitable and modern accommodation.

She said: "Putting Newby Wiske Hall up for sale is a very welcome step along this journey, but one with mixed emotions.

"It has been used by police in North Yorkshire for over 60 years, but it is right we are moving on and can look the future with confidence. I am also pleased that we are remaining in Hambleton District and will continue to support the local economy.”

In 2014, Mrs Mulligan scrapped controversial plans for the force to build a 'Northern Base' in the village of South Kilvington, near Thirsk, at a cost of an estimated £620,000.

However, the £18m plans were scrapped as they 'no longer offered value for money', as the total cost of the move to Alverton Court is estimated to be under £7m.

Mrs Mulligan said the site was selected because of its close proximity to the current headquarters and its modern facilities and good transport links.

The force will be accepting interest on the current site from all interested parties and Chief Constable Dave Jones welcomed the latest development.

He said: "It is significant that such an important project for North Yorkshire Police continues to move forward, as it will ensure we can provide a more effective, efficient and sustainable policing service for everyone in our county.

“Although there will be many that will be saddened by the loss of such a historical policing building, Newby Wiske Hall can no longer support the demands of a modern police service.”