Five jailed over 21 man 'Wild West' bar brawl that was caught on camera

Five men have been locked up for the violence they used during a 21-man bar fight in Headingley that was caught on camera.

Dalian Cash, Michael McDonagh, Michael Roberts, Jordan Smith and Thomas Walker were handed jail sentences for their involvement in the 'Wild West' brawl in Arc Bar.

Chairs were thrown during the brawl in Arc bar.

Chairs were thrown during the brawl in Arc bar.

A judge told the men he was imposing the custodial terms as they were most heavily involved in using violence.

Two other defendants - George Milner and Marcus Lamb - were given suspended prison sentences.

Thirteen men were given community orders with unpaid work earlier in the day.

One defendant - Christopher Booth - fainted in the dock during the sentencing hearing.

He was taken to hospital with a head wound but is expected to be returned to court tomorrow to be sentenced.

Dalian Cash and Thomas Walker were each jailed for 16 months - the longest sentences out of all the defendants.

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The court heard Cash had been out drinking brandy and taking cocaine to celebrate the birth of his daughter when he became involved in the violence.

He was caught on camera stamping on one man and having to be restrained.

He also picked up a bar stool.

Walker was the subject of a community order when he joined in the violence

Describing the violence, Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: "This was a disgraceful incident.

"Having watched the video of the incident several times this morning, what I can't help noticing is that there are bar staff cowering in fear and other members of the public in the bar.

"This was a terrifying incident and all of you were involved.

"Any participation in violence of this nature, irrespective of your precise roles, is serious."

Earlier, Leeds Crown Court was shown CCTV footage of the mass brawl which was described as 'reminiscent of a Wild West saloon'.

The incident lasted three and a half minutes.

Staff were outnumbered and members of the public were caught up in the violence which broke out when men from two different groups confronted each other.

The incident was captured from several different angles on the bar's CCTV system.

Prosecutor Howard Shaw said: "The scenes captured on the CCTV are more reminiscent of a saloon in Dodge City in the Wild West rather than a pub in Headingley."

Violence erupted when Thomas Walker and Matthew Wild from one "faction" confronted Harry Walker from the other group.

The fighting involved multiple punches being thrown and people being kicked and stamped upon as they were on the ground.

Bar stools were also thrown and glasses were smashed.

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The bar manager was also assaulted and struck with a bar stool during the disturbance.

Only one of the defendants suffered injuries in the incident.

Marcus Lamb had to be taken to hospital to have eight stitches in his head. He also suffered broken ribs.

Mr Shaw said Lamb was initially treated as a victim until they saw his behaviour on the CCTV footage.

The prosecutor said police arrested the defendants in the weeks after the incident when the footage was released during a media appeal to trace suspects.

After the case, Detective Inspector James Enwistle, of Leeds District CID, said: “These men each played their part in what were some really appalling scenes of violence that night.

“The CCTV footage clearly illustrates just how bad this incident was with people being punched, kicked and stamped on, and glasses and chairs being hurled around as weapons.

“It is only through sheer good fortune that no-one was seriously injured as a result of their actions.

“Members of staff and other innocent bystanders were also put in fear for their safety.

“Our investigation was assisted by the high-quality CCTV footage of the incident and the very positive response we had from the public to our appeal for their help in identifying those involved.

“Violence on this scale cannot be tolerated and will always attract a significant level of criminal investigation to identify those responsible and bring them to justice."

The 20 men sentenced today were:

Dalian Cash, 24, of Litton Way, Whinmoor, Leeds. Jailed for 16 months.

Thomas Walker, 24, of Whitelaithe Gardens, Whinmoor. Jailed for 16 months.

Michael McDonagh, 26, of Eastdean Grove, Seacroft. Jailed for 12 months.

Jordan Smith, 23, of The Orchards, Cross Green. Jailed for 12 months.

Michael Roberts, 29, of Pendas Grove, Cross Gates. Jailed for 12 months.

Marcus Lamb, 27, of Queenswood Court, Headingley. Eight months jail, suspended for two years, plus 300 hours unpaid work.

George Milner, 27, of Cedar Drive, Leeds. Eight months jail, suspended for two years, plus 300 hours unpaid work.

Eight men were made the subject of a 12-month community order and told to do 300 hours of unpaid work.

They were:

Benjamin Marzullo, 26, of Primrose Drive, Leeds.

Owen McDonagh, 20, of Belle Vue Avenue, Leeds.

Curtis Fleming, 22, of Henshaw Avenue, Yeadon.

Oliver Galley, 22, of Middle Farm, Harrogate.

Kyle Hancock, 22, of Banksfield Avenue, Yeadon.

Liam Lamb, 22, of Haw View, Yeadon.

Harry Walker, 22, of Lea Mill Park Drive, Leeds.

Billy Wild, 21, of Aire Grove, Yeadon.

Five defendants were given 12-month community orders with 250 hours of unpaid.

They were:

Lewis Bond, 21, of Beech Way, Whinmoor, Leeds.

Robert Ives, 23, of St Lukes Close, Wetherby.

Louis McShane, 25, of Whitelaithe Approach, Whinmoor.

Jamie Wild, 22, of Willow Close, Guiseley.

Matthew Wild, 23, of Manston Grove, Cross Gates.

Christopher Booth, 43, of Gamble Hill Rise, Bramley, will be sentenced tomorrow after he was taken to hospital when he collapsed in the court dock