Crime file with Harrogate police

North Yorkshire Police
North Yorkshire Police

North Yorkshire Police are appealing for information about the following incidents which have been reported in the area.

lA house on Albert Place was burgled while the occupants were in.

They had left their back door unlocked, which allowed the burglars simple entry.

The burglary took place in the early evening.

lOn Newby Crescent, a similar burglary took place, because the property’s back door was not secure.

Police are urging residents to make their houses a hard target. A police spokesperson said: “We need to make our premises a hard target and put burglars off:.

“Secure doors and windows even during the day when we aren’t in sight of them, keep our car keys out of sight and away from the doors and re-enforce weaker, older windows with additional locks where possible.”

lPolice have had reports of bike thefts on Dragon Parade, Station Parade and Royal Parade.

A force spokesperson said: “In each case the bikes were secured with a cheap or ineffective lock or were secured to an ineffective support such as brittle wood.

“We would really like to see people securing their bikes to a solid anchor and with a good quality, solid locking device.

“It really is worth spending more money on a good locking system than having to spend a lot of money in replacing the full bike.”

lMobile phones are being targeted at nightspots across the district. Police urge people to keep bags with them, zipped up and out of sight.

lA new police Facebook page has been set up for Saltergate and Newpark, managed by PC 1660 Sharon Rawlings.