Crime File with Harrogate Police

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Police in Harrogate are appealing for information about the following crimes;

l Burglars struck on Grange Avenue in Spofforth last Monday night, stealing money and electronic equipment. A second attempted burglary, on Columbine Terrace, was foiled when the thieves couldn’t get in.

l A house on Park View was targeted when the homeowners were moving out, between May 4 and 7th. Computer equipment and electrical items were stolen.

l A garage on Knaresborough Road was targeted in the early hours of Wednesday, May 8. Burglars forced entry into the garage, stealing fishing equipment.

l Five cars were damaged on Franklin Road in the early hours of Monday, May 6. A man has been arrested and bailed in connection with this incident.

l A man has been arrested and charged after three cars, parked on Haywra Street, were damaged in the early hours of May 7.

l A camera and a suitcase left on display were stolen from the car park of a town centre hotel, overnight between May 12 and 13.

l An iPhone, hidden in a glove box, and a handbag, hidden under the seat, were stolen from a car on the evening on Monday, May 6.

l Documents were stolen from the glove box of a car parked on Coppice Rise on the evening of Thursday, May 9. The thieves attempted to steal the car radio as well.

Anyone with information about any of the above incidents is asked to call North Yorkshire Police on 101.

Safer Neighbourhoods Sgt Tom Jackson has advised residents to take simple precautions: “We would always recommend alarms and if you’re out, don’t leave your home looking unoccupied. Don’t leave your valuables in your car. Certainly don’t leave them on view.”