Crackdown on shoplifting in Knaresborough

Knaresborough Market Place.  100604M2e.
Knaresborough Market Place. 100604M2e.

Knaresborough Police are working together with local businesses to crack down on shoplifting after a recent spate of incidents in the town.

Shoplifters can already be banned from the shops concerned. But now under this new scheme, shoplifters who are banned from one shop will automatically be banned from all of the shops in the scheme.

Offenders who ignore bans could be sent to court without further warning.

Since December 1, there have been around 10 cases of shoplifting in Knaresborough shops.

PCSO John Smith said: “This may not appear to be a high number but it is for Knaresborough.

“This crime costs the other customers as they end up paying more for their goods to compensate for the thefts. The shops have had enough and want the thefts to stop.”

The Knaresborough branch of Sainsbury’s is one of the shops taking part in the scheme.

Manager Debbie Andrews said: “I am shocked by the amount of shoplifting we get at Sainsbury’s and in the town in general.

She added: “I do not think these people understand the impact that their actions have within such a small community like Knaresborough.

“This crime affects staff, shoppers’ choices and the prices and we are all in agreement with this scheme.”

The shops involved in the ‘banned from one, banned from all’ scheme are Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Jack Fultons, Superdrug, Boots, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Yeomans, Co-Op on Manse Lane, Co-Op on Chain Lane and Co-Op on Boroughbridge Road.

Police and local businesses are working together to reduce shoplifting in Knaresborough through a new scheme.