Court: Drunken Harrogate man hurled himself through town centre bar's window

The case was heard at Harrogate Magistrate's Court
The case was heard at Harrogate Magistrate's Court

A drunken Harrogate man who hurled himself at a window at the Pitcher & Piano on Christmas Day faces jail.

Mark Leach, of Kirkham Grove, was drinking with friends at the popular town centre bar when they became involved in argument with another group.

Leach was then angered when he was asked to leave by the management and, a short time later, decided to break a window by throwing himself into it.

Appearing at Harrogate Magistrate's on Tuesday, the court heard how the 26-year-old's actions were captured on CCTV and police were then called to the bar.

When they arrived, they saw Leach throwing punches with another group of men and had to be sprayed in order to arrest him.

Leach was taken to hospital with his injuries but nursing staff refused to treat him as he failed to improve his behaviour and continued acting aggressively.

He made no comment during his police interview but pleaded guilty to criminal damage as it cost Pitcher & Piano £221.40 to replace the broken window.

Leach now faces the possibility of time in prison as he received a suspended sentence for criminal damage and affray in November 2013 for 18 months.

However, Katherine Stucky, Leach's defence barrister, argued that he was 'desperate' to avoid a jail sentence as his father had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She said: "On Christmas Day, he and his family decided to go for lunch in Harrogate to give their mother a break from cooking.

"He does not normally drink because he knows he can't handle it but he had drunk some alcohol at lunch and then met some friends in town later.

"He continued drinking, after months of not drinking, and was involved in this argument. He has not drunk since the situation.

"His father has recently been diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer and it is terminal. It's a very stressful and upsetting time for him.

"His family is greatly disappointed that he is back before the court and he's very disappointed in himself."

Although a charge of using threatening behaviour was dropped, Magistrate James Barnett said Leach had breached the terms of his suspended sentence.

He said: "When you were put on a suspended sentence for another offence you were told to keep out of trouble.

"Unfortunately you have not done that and we cannot find that it would be unjust that you return to Crown Court for breaching this."

Leach will now be sentenced at York Crown Court in March.