Conservative Club attacked hours after Thatcher dies

Knaresborough Conservative Club. (1304169AM2)
Knaresborough Conservative Club. (1304169AM2)

Vandals threw bricks through the windows of Knaresborough’s Conservative Club less than 48 hours after former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died.

The club was targeted in the early hours of Wednesday, April 10, after Baronness Thatcher’s death following a stroke on Monday, April 8.

Knaresborough Conservative Club. (1304169AM1)

Knaresborough Conservative Club. (1304169AM1)

The vandals smashed panes of glass in a door and side window on the building, and left the local association with £100 worth of damage to repair after the late night attack.

And both the club and Knaresborough police believe the attack could have been motivated by Lady Thatcher’s death.

PC Sue Brookes said: “Nothing has ever happened to the Conservative Club in the past 22 years, so there could be a connection.

“It could be that people have jumped on the bandwagon.”

A neighbour heard noises near the club at around 3am on Wednesday before the sound of smashing came from the site, PC Brookes added.

They vandals were then heard running away down Park Row.

A spokesman from the club has confirmed their suspicions, saying they think the attack coming a day after Lady Thatcher’s death is significant. Why else should somebody chose to come round at 3am?” Members were shocked to find the damage their club had seen, he added.

“You don’t expect this. Nothing like this has happened in a great length of time, so anything like that is distressing.”

But, he said, they do not believe it was a genuine protest.

“I think some of people have used Lady Thatcher’s death as an excuse. They probably were not even born when she was in power.”

Knaresborough’s MP Andrew Jones has also condemned the attack. He said: “This will be an expensive repair for the Knaresborough Conservative Club, which is a very popular social venue. Whatever the reasons the vandals that did this may give, there is no excuse for criminal damage.

“As with damage to any club or business, I know the police will take this matter seriously.”

Police have said that without CCTV footage of the attack, they are have not found those responsible.

Anyone with information is urged to contact PC1300 Brookes at Knaresborough Police Station on telephone 101.