Cannabis grower caught out

Harrogate Magistrates Court.
Harrogate Magistrates Court.

A LAZY cannabis user decided it might be easier to launch a ‘’do it yourself’’ project after a friend asked him to store drug production equipment, a court was told on Tuesday.

Harrogate magistrates heard how Harley Paul Regan had been trying to grow cannabis plants for a year with little if any success when police knocked on his door looking for another man who it turned out did not live there.

When Regan, 22, of Bewerley Road, Harrogate, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis, prosecutor Steven Ovenden told court chairman Paul Gregory that when the door was opened to police there had been a strong smell of cannabis.

A small amount of the drug, and equipment for use in its production, had been found and when officers interviewed Regan he told them that about a year prior to his arrest on December 8 he had been asked to keep the equipment at his home.

Five chopped-up plants had been included and he had taken cuttings in the hope that they would grow. ‘‘But he did not have any success with his attempts at horticulture,’’ said Mr Ovenden.

In mitigation Peter Minnikin said police had been acting on incorrect information when they called at Regan’s home looking for another man. But they had found and seized eight cannabis plants found in what they had described as a do it yourself growing attempt.

Mr Minnikin said Regan, a cannabis user at weekends, decided to try to save himself the cost of buying the drug by cultivating it. He had claimed to be lazy and rather than go out looking to score he thought he might take the easy way out.

But his conviction might harm his prospects of a college place in September when he hoped to study accountancy. He had made a stupid mistake and would have to pay the price.

Regan, who was in court a day after new drug offence sentencing guidelines came into operation, was conditionally discharged for a year with £85 costs. A destruction order was made on the property seized by police.