Burglaries on the rise across the district

Burglary - stock pic
Burglary - stock pic

Harrogate Police are urging people to vigilant after a series of high value burglaries across the district.

Properties in affluent areas have been targeted and suspects have stolen jewellery, electronic items and in some cases, military medals and antiques.

Officers suspect that a significant number of these offences have been committed by organised criminals, travelling into North Yorkshire from surrounding areas.

Detective Inspector Pete Martin, of Harrogate CID, said: “We are urging anyone, particularly people who live in rural villages or on the edge of towns, to be vigilant and report any person or vehicle.

“It’s highly likely that the offenders have visited the areas in advance to check out people’s movements before committing the offences.

“It is also very helpful to the police if you note down the registration number of any suspicious vehicles which you see.

He added: “Please don’t ever think your information is trivial, it could be vitally important to our investigation. Please trust your instinct and report anyone or any vehicle that looks out of place. This type of information can be of huge value to the police and regularly helps us to disrupt criminals.”

North Yorkshire Police is backing a week-long, national campaign to raise awareness of burglary, across the country police see an increase in burglaries in the run up to Christmas.

Crime prevention road-shows will be held on November 21 at Asda, Bower Street and November 22 at Morrisons, Plumpton Park.

The Harrogate Community Safety Partnership will be hosting a day of action today (Wednesday November 20) in Bilton and Woodfield where they will handing out crime prevention packs to local residents and working with the local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.


Sneak-in burglaries - Around one third of all burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. Always lock your doors, even when you are at home.

Two-in-one burglaries - Thieves break into a house to get the keys to vehicles parked on the drive. Always hide your car keys from view and if you have a garage, always use it.