Burglaries drop by one tenth across the county

Domestic burglaries in North Yorkshire and the City of York have been reduced by 10 per cent year on year, according to police.

The reduction equates to 77 fewer crimes, with 696 burglaries reported between April and 18 August 2011, compared to 773 for the same period last year.

The figures, claim police, are the result of a crackdown on burglaries named Operation Haven.

It was launched in May after figures for the beginning of this financial year showed a 13.8 per cent increase in recorded offences compared to the same period last year.

Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pearson, who leads Operation Haven, said: “These results are very encouraging and demonstrate that Operation Haven is on track and achieving what we set out to do.

“Research shows that domestic burglary is one of the crimes most feared because it is so personally invasive.

“The targeting of your home, followed closely by the theft or damage of personal possessions often has devastating and lasting effect on the homeowners and their family, and also within the nearby community.

“With this in mind, we are doing everything we can to pre-empt offences by targeting known hotspots at particular times of the year when intelligence analysis shows certain crimes are likely to increase.”

Accompanying the figures, police renewed calls for homeowners to take precautions against burglary.

A DIY home security checklist is available online at www.northyorkshire.police.uk/haven.

A mobile equivalent named HomeSecure can be accessed at http://homesecure.nyp.mobi.

Police advice is to lock doors, windows, gates, garages, sheds and cars, even when you are at home.

They also encourage residents to hide all valuables from view and remove valuable items from your vehicle, including sat-navs and mobile phones.