Boxer Dog Harvey recovering at home after Hookstone Woods Pit Bull attack

Harvey the Boxer dog (s)
Harvey the Boxer dog (s)

Harvey the Boxer dog is recovering at home after being savagely attacked by a Pit Bull Terrier in Hookstone Woods last week.

Lesley Wood and her husband Barry were walking the one-year-old pup through the woods near Hookstone Road when they noticed the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The Pit Bull raced over to Harvey before pinning him down and savagely biting through him as his owners watched on in horror.

Lesley’s husband then attempted to pull the Pit Bull away from Harvey, but was himself knocked over and attacked by the dog before eventually restraining it.

The Pit Bull and its owner then left the scene as Harvey and Mr Wood lay injured and “blooded” on the ground.

Harvey was rushed to an emergency vet where doctors cleaned his wounds and performed an operation on his leg where the Pit Bull had bit through the muscle.

Lesley said that she was relieved that both her husband and Harvey were safe and recovering but warned the outcome of the attack could have been much worse.

She said: “I finished work at 8.30pm and we decided to take Harvey for a walk. We saw the Pit Bull off his lead and I started to get a bad feeling.

“We then heard Harvey’s screams as the Pit Bull locked on to him. My husband tried to pull them apart but it then attacked him. It was a horrendous experience.

“The dog was bleeding and my husband was bleeding, it was such a distressing sight. If that had been a child then they would not have stood a chance.”

Police have confirmed they are looking into the “distressing” incident which took place on Tuesday, July 12, and are making efforts to identify the Pit Bull and the man who appeared to be its owner.

The man is described as being in his mid to late 30’s, medium height and stocky build while the American Pit Bull is charcoal in colour.

Lesley said: “Normally I will go walking on my own with the dog but if that was the case then Harvey may not still be here.

“It’s definitely made me think twice about walking the dog alone which is a shame because I love taking the dog out and I do it for a few hours every day.”