‘Baffling’action led to fine

A MAGISTRATE has confessed to being baffled by the actions of drunken revellers in the centre of Harrogate who refuse to accept police advice to go home.

Senior Harrogate JP Eric Fell sitting last Thursday said he could never understand why those warned to go home did not follow the advice.

And he told a teenager who pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly he should bear in mind that police would take a serious view in cases where people declined to do as they were told.

Prosecutor Martin Butterworth said police had been called to deal with Joseph Jagger Richard Robinson, 19, at 4am on September 9 after he had been spotted by a CCTV operator being detained by a door supervisor at the Rehab bar in Parliament Street.

Robinson, of East Parade, Harrogate, who was drunk and who swore repeatedly, had ignored three warnings about his behaviour after officers had been told he had been thrown out of the bar for disorderly behaviour and had repeatedly tried to get back in.

Mr Butterworth said there had been a suggestion that Robinson had spat at a bouncer at one point in the incident.

And he had initially given police a false name but corrected himself later.

The court heard Robinson was subject to a community order, with probation supervision and unpaid work, which would not expire until next July.

It had been imposed for assault by beating, assaulting a police officer and resisting an officer.

Robinson, who was not legally represented, told the court he was sorry for wasting its time.

He did not remember the incident at all well as he had drunk ‘‘quite a lot’’.

Imposing a fine of £35 with £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge, Mr Fell added: ‘‘You are on a community order and you really want to be trying not to do other offences when you are on an order.’’