Attempted Harrogate abduction ‘did not happen’

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Police news...

An ‘attempted abduction’ of three young girls in Harrogate which was reported to police on Monday evening did not happen, officers have now confirmed.

Detectives were called to the St Andrews Road area shortly before 6pm after reports that two men had approached three young girls, trying to entice them into a van.

Police have now issued a statement to say that, after investigation, they have found that the incident did not happen.

“Following extensive enquiries into the report, I can confirm that this incident did not occur,” a spokesman said.

“Officers have worked closely with the children and their families to establish the facts surrounding this report and have advised one of the children in regards to the need for any issue to be reported accurately, explaining the significant concern such claims can cause amongst the community.

“When reports such as this do emerge, the police have seen great advantages in the use of social media networks, but we also know that there is a risk of misleading information being recirculated and causing concern within our communities.

“Whilst we would not want to discourage the use of social media we would always encourage responsible use.

“We do, however, entirely understand the alarm this has caused and I hope the public can now feel re-assured.”