American to leave UK after drink-drive ban

AN AMERICAN’S North Yorkshire summer would have to end early after he fell foul of Britain’s drinking and driving laws, a court was told last Thursday.

Harrogate magistrates heard how Colin Timothy Breeding, 21, was in the country visiting his parents.

His father worked at the US base at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate.

The court heard he had been just over twice the limit when a police patrol stopped his car.

He was driving the vehicle out of Harrogate in the direction of Ripon on the A61 at 5.30pm on May 30.

Breeding, 21, entered a guilty plea to the charge of drink-driving.

When he entered the plea, prosecutor Steven Ovenden said officers had decided to pull him over after seeing the car brake harshly.

In mitigation Andrew Tinning said Breeding, who had attended school in North Yorkshire was in the country to spend the summer with his parents at their home in Marsland Barn, Sharow, near Ripon.

He was a full time student in the United States, due to begin his second year at college in September.

But his plans to earn money by obtaining temporary work at Menwith Hill would be hit by a driving ban and he was likely to return home shortly.

Breeding had driven to Harrogate where he had ‘‘a number of beers with friends’’ and went to the cinema.

He had been driving back to Sharow when he was stopped.

Mr Tinning said in America the drink-drive laws were based more on evidence of impairment rather than purely on a breath-test reading as in England.

And Breeding had believed he was fit to drive.

But he accepted he made a mistake, one which led to him being extremely emotional and upset when taken to the police station, so much so that his father had been allowed into the custody suite to calm him down.

The court ordered a fine of £100 together with £85 costs, a £15 victim surcharge and a 17-month driving ban.

Court chairman Marion Simon told Breeding: ‘‘Unfortunately it has messed up your summer but you are young and hopefully you will learn from this and move on.’’