101 police line to be reviewed

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North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has called for an independent report into the non-emergency 101 system, following concern from the public.

Julia Mulligan had commissioned an independent review which will cover the 101 non-emergency telephone system, as well as all other non-emergency forms of contact such as the NYP website, social media, police station receptions, yellow phones (situated outside some police stations) and others. Emergency contact will not be included in the review.

The PCC’s office say the work will help inform North Yorkshire Police about how they can improve the service offered via the 101 system specifically, as well as how to better deal with non-emergency contact more generally. One of the other central goals of the review is to investigate where North Yorkshire Police could increase the services it offers online, for example tracking the progression of investigations.

Mrs Mulligan said: “My job is to speak up for the people of North Yorkshire, and they have told me loud and clear that they are unhappy with the 101 system. Police forces hands are tied to a certain extent with the system being a national one, but the police need to do what they can to make it work locally for the communities of North Yorkshire.

“At the same time the review will look at other ways the public might want to contact the police. I am keen for this to be as quick and easy as possible.”

“In the interest of the public I will publish the report as soon as possible after it has been finalised.”

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