Cow landed on the patio

Help! There’s a cow on my roof...

Tuesday, 1st December 2015, 3:08 pm

It was one of the more unusual calls for firefighters when they had to stage a dramatic rescue after a cow fell down a hill and rolled onto a roof terrace.

Firefighters from Cleckheaton were called to a house in Salterlee, Shibden, on Saturday morning.

When they arrived, they found the cow trapped on a raised sun terrace, which is built on top of a garage.

A West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: “The owners thought they had been burgled and then they saw the cow.

“We had to get a vet who came and anaesthetised it and we used a special cow harness to lift it up and bring it down.

“It had dropped about 30ft and it was fine.”

A part of the fence surrounding the terrace had to be removed so the rescue could go ahead.

Cow trapped on a sun terrace at Salterlee, Shibden.

A neighbour who saw the action unfold said: “I went out to help with a tree in the garden and the next thing I saw firefighters coming down.

“As they passed they said a cow had fallen down. It was really unusual. It was making a noise, it would have been distressed but at least it wasn’t injured.

“They had to bring a horse box down as the fire engine couldn’t get down the road.

“Everybody came out to have a look.”