Councillors seek party vote

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Three of the districts longest serving councillors have announced their intention to stand as a team representing Wetherby and the villages of Boston Spa, Bramham, Clifford, Thorp Arch and Walton.

Councillors John Procter, Gerald Wilkinson and Alan Lamb are seeking re-selection after new Conservative Party rules were introduced.

“I am delighted to be re-standing with John and Gerald,” said Coun Alan Lamb.

“We make a strong team, we have delivered on a number of key projects such as the Children’s centres in Wetherby and Boston Spa, but we have much more ambitious plans we are working on.

“We have a vision to re provide all council services, leisure centre, library, council offices and deliver a brand new school on the Wetherby High School site. Our draft plans also show a theatre and cultural spaces.”

In addition to being Leeds City Councillors, all three Councillors are long standing Members of Wetherby Town Council, Councillors Wilkinson and Lamb have served as Town mayor. Councillor Procter is the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group, the official Opposition in Leeds, Councillor Wilkinson is the Chairman of the Outer North East Area Community committee and Councillor Lamb Chairs the Inclusive Growth, Culture and Sport Scrutiny Board.

Coun Procter added: “One of the biggest challenges facing the district is the unwanted development of houses.

“Our town is at traffic capacity and I am determined to continue our opposition to large scale development.

“Developers want to build 800 houses east of the town, up to 120 houses towards Kirk Deighton, close to 1,000 houses at Thorp Arch and a similar number in Boston Spa.

“Whilst we recognise the need for affordable homes to house those who are from the area, infrastructure must be provided to support such developments.

“I will be speaking at the Public Inquiry looking at the allocation of sites which starts in October.

“We have a further Public inquiry in September where we hope to stop large scale housing at Thorp Arch.”

Coun Wilkinson said it was a crucial time in the progress of Wetherby.

“In this term of office we have secured a £1m development of the former lorry park in Wetherby which is now a much used shoppers carpark, we have progressed the old station carpark which is now available for all day parking, is lit and has full CCTV, we continue with our campaigns to get motorists to stick to the speed limits and we are being tough on Leeds City Council to give us our fair share of resources for our area.

“We have still much to do and I hope our members will re select us so we can get on with the job.”