Council to consider buying Knaresborough home for use as social housing

The purchase of a Knaresborough home is being considered by Harrogate Borough Council.
The purchase of a Knaresborough home is being considered by Harrogate Borough Council.

A Knaresborough home could be purchased for use as social housing, under plans proposed by Harrogate Borough Council.

Cabinet member for housing Coun Mike Chambers will next week consider a report advocating the purchase of the three-bedroom home.

A report to be considered by Coun Chambers states that the home is a three-bedroom ex-council house constructed out of precast reinforced concrete (PRC).

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The report goes on to say that the home is unusual in having not only the concrete frame and inner leaf of concrete panels, but an outer leaf of brick construction rather than the usual concrete panels.

While being "very solidly built", they have not needed to be repaired, meaning they do not have a PRC Homes Ltd repair certificate, which PRC homes in disrepair receive.

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"This makes it harder to get a mortgage in the current climate where lenders are very risk-averse," the report states.

Offered to the market at £200,000, the council’s valuation surveyor has negotiated its purchase for £175,500, "a price which represents good value
for money" according to the report.

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Thirty per cent of the cost (about £53,000 including fees) will be met from 1-4-1 receipts - funds made from the sale of council properties under the right-to-buy act.

The remainder will be funded from non-1-4-1 Housing Revenue Account capital receipts, the balance of which currently sits at £2.5m.

The report notes that the house is in generally good condition and only minor works should be necessary.

Lachlan Leeming, Local Democracy Reporter