Council publish hundreds of suggested housing sites across Harrogate

Harrogate councilHarrogate council
Harrogate council
Harrogate Borough Council has published the full list of sites for possible housing and economic development submitted by residents.

In September 2014, the council issued a 'Call for Sites' to give residents and businesses within the district the opportunity to suggest potential housing allocations.

These suggested sites could then be incorporated into the council's new Local Plan which will be used as a guide for the future growth of the district.

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The council has now published these submissions in its initial sites lists, providing location plans showing which areas have been suggested.

Site list in Harrogate (s)Site list in Harrogate (s)
Site list in Harrogate (s)

However, Coun Rebecca Burnett, cabinet member for planning and sustainable transport, explained the published list did not represent a definitive conclusion of chosen sites.

She said: "The call for sites was asking anybody with ownership of land or ideas for sites to put it to us and say we want this land to be considered.

"But I want to be very clear, this is absolutely everything that has been put forward to us. It's every single option on the list so that's why it looks like so much.

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"No assessments have yet been made on any of this but we know that people want to see what has been put forward.

Site list in Ripon (s)Site list in Ripon (s)
Site list in Ripon (s)

"A lot of these sites will not be built on and some are completely ludicrous but we have a duty to publish everything."

Hundreds of sites over Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon, Pateley Bridge, Boroughbridge and Masham have been suggested by residents and published on the sites list.

Despite publishing the lists to the public, residents will not have the opportunity to comment on the sites until the Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment is published in Spring 2016.

The council will now assess the credentials of each of the sites submitted and decide which sites to consult on and which would not be suitable

View the full list of sites here.