Could Bilton's famous peacock, Peter, be shipped off to Scotland?

Peter the Peacock is a well known figure in the Killinghall and Bilton areas
Peter the Peacock is a well known figure in the Killinghall and Bilton areas

Killinghall residents are planning to relocate the village’s peacocks to Scotland following a spate of ‘vandalism’ attacks.

Complaints about the peacocks damaging villagers’ cars have become a regular issue in the area, the birds often attacking vehicles when mistaking their reflection as a potential challenger.

Now, some residents on Cautley Drive are aiming to raise the necessary £500 themselves to pay for a licensed remover and the transportation to a Scottish wildlife sanctuary.

Steve Pollard, site manager of Brookroyd Garage in the village described the nuisance the birds had become - paint damage being a regular problem for cars being brought in.

He said: “They have claws like alligators’ teeth, causing damage to cars after they go after their own reflection.”

Originally approaching Harrogate Borough and Killinghall Parish councils via ward councillor Michael Harrison, residents were unable to secure support.

While the parish council explained the removal was beyond its remit, it did offer to recommend someone to remove the birds.

Coun Harrison said: “It is an emotive issue and it is without an easy solution that will please everybody.”

The news of the move is unlikely to be popular with all residents, with some even regularly feeding the birds who frequent Cautley Drive.

The arrival of the birds remains unclear, with locals suggesting a resident bought them, before abandoning them or passing away and the birds running loose.

Peacock sightings in Harrogate are popular with residents, with Bilton’s Peter the Peacock becoming a local celebrity in recent years.