Consultation begins for Harrogate's Carbon Reduction Strategy

A strategy to cut the district's carbon footprint has been put out for public approval.

Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 5:34 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 9:30 am
Harrogate Borough Council's draft Carbon Reduction Strategy has been released

Harrogate Borough Council’s Cabinet gave approval last Monday for a draft of the ‘Carbon Reduction Strategy’ to be put out for comments.

Targeting the council’s own emissions it aims to make annual reductions of 2.5 per cent, through to 2030, while supporting district-wide cuts of 57 per cent.

Coun Philip Ireland, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport was also named as cabinet lead for Energy Strategy at the meeting.He said: “We need a strategy for carbon reduction to address national policies and local priorities and reflect our desire to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Climate change is a big issue which has to be addressed.

“Our draft strategy is focused on what we can do within the council itself, where we have the most control. “We are seeking input on any opportunities for carbon reduction that we might have missed in the draft, along with general comments about the proposed strategy.”

He added: "Savings get harder to achieve as time goes on. Thanks to the energy efficiency measures we have already installed in recent years, we are already saving 759,000 kWh energy each year – equivalent to the electricity consumption of 240 homes. Finding ways to make continual value-for money improvements is not easy, but technology and efficiency is always evolving.

"We have an important leadership role and are keen to encourage households and businesses to make saving themselves. Right now, for example, we are part of the Leeds City Region’s Resource Efficiency Fund for businesses. The scheme offers financial support and advice for SMEs looking to become more resource efficient in the way they do business."

Around 220 tonnes of carbon are projected as being cut if the annual 2.5 per cent target is hit. Every year the council produces around 10,000 tonnes.

To chip away at it’s operations emissions HBC says is attempting approaches including upgrading its vehicle fleet and equipment at Stonefall Crematorium.

Across the district around 1.53 million tonnes of carbon is generated. The council is supporting the 57 per cent target, set by the Government in it’s Carbon Budget.

While data shows domestic and commercial emissions have dropped over the years transport sector was flagged in the report as currently ‘unlikely to meet targets’. To meet district targets HBC will be supporting initiatives including promoting the take-up of electrical cars.

To see view the draft and comment click here