Complaints hit Knaresborough's Boxing Day Tug of War

Knaresborough Tug of War - One of the best turn outs for years. (1612262AM3)
Knaresborough Tug of War - One of the best turn outs for years. (1612262AM3)

Knaresborough's annual Tug of War contest proved a controversial affair on Boxing Day - despite what may have been a record attendance.

The annual event for charity attracted one of its biggest crowds for many years with some people saying close to a thousand people were in attendance.

Knaresborough's Boxing Day Tug of War. (1612262AM10)

Knaresborough's Boxing Day Tug of War. (1612262AM10)

On the other hand there were complaints of a whole series of organisational problems affecting this popular event.
Organisers themselves admit that a large section of frustrated spectators on a bitterly cold day had drifted away by the time the teams from The Half Moon and Mother Shipton Inn actually pulled for the first bout of a 'best of three' contest.

Organiser Simon Shaw explained: "We didn't start until 12.45pm. There were 800 to 900 people early on but I estimate about a third of the crowd left before the contest.
"I've got a major health complaint and I was sick all day on Christmas Day. It was a challenging situation but the event has to go ahead no matter what.
"We tried to make the teams more community-based this yeat but some people still expected teams of big burly men.
"The first pull was illegal and had to be cancelled. There were problems with the second pull.
"One team had the wrong number of members at one point and another was too heavy and then there was confusion over who won.
"But the event happened and money was raised to help Yorkshire Cancer Research and the RNLI."
It is believed the Half Moon mixed team was the winner of this year's tug of war.