CHILDREN IN NEED VIDEO: St Aidan's shave to save

St Aidan's students gathered to torture their teachers for good money and for a good cause this Children in Need day.

In the school hall, teacher Phil Lamb got pied by pupils as they paid to push a custard creation straight into his face.

Mr Lamb gets a pie to the face

Mr Lamb gets a pie to the face

Meanwhile, the school canteen was full as people came together to watch science teachers Jamie Wilson and Michael Symes shave their beards in an innovative fund-razor...

All week, students had been paying to vote on which style of beard they would like the dynamic duo to shave into.

Mr Wilson and Mr Symes said they were apprehensive before they took on the challenge.

Mr Symes said: "My beard was a protest one because my girlfriend has been away in Australia so that's why I did it."

Whilst Mr Wilson joked: "My beard grows back overnight so I'll be back to normal tomorrow."

Students also paid to dress up for the day, and the creative costumes were nothing short of jaw dropping.

There was everything from Mr Bump to crime scene investigators and from cheerleaders to ketchup bottles.