CHILDREN IN NEED VIDEO: Ice-cream man visits the Forest School

Students at the Forest School all screamed for ice-cream when the truck of treats paid a visit for Children in Need.

The school was one of three across North Yorkshire which were visited by John Taylor, ice-cream man from C&M Ices, in support of the cause.

Students join John and staff in fancy dress for a Children in Need ice cream

Students join John and staff in fancy dress for a Children in Need ice cream

John is one of many ice-cream men across Yorkshire who are visiting schools for children with special needs, in their local area, to raise money for the charity.

He said: "This year we decided to take part and pick all the special needs schools in the area and go around giving them free ice cream, to encourage people we know and our customers to donate as much as possible."

While John has raised more than £250 himself, nationally, ice-cream men taking part in the scheme have collectively raised nearly £4,000.

As part of his fundraising efforts, John has been invited to feature on the BBC Children in Need television programme on Friday November 13.

While it was an odd sight, an ice-cream van in the school car park on cold and rainy November day, the weather certainly didn't take the shine off for the children.

The school have also been doing their own activities to support Children in Need including an all new event; 'The Forest School's got talent' show.

Head organiser of charity events, Claire Dwyer said; "Our pupils and parents always support events such as Children in Need, which is fantastic.

"All of our pupils are faced with their own difficulties and needs everyday, but on days like today, they never fail to have empathy and compassion for those even less fortunate than themselves. We always have a great day!"