Charity sends aid to Moldova

A national charity founded and run from North Yorkshire broke new ground this weekend with a little help from local MP Andrew Jones and the Deputy Mayor of Boroughbridge, Coun Monika Kaczmarczyk.

Physionet - the brainchild of Peter Thompson from Lower Dunsforth - was started in 2005 with the aim of providing physiotherapy and mobility equipment for the disabled in developing countries. Bulk collections of decommissioned equipment are made from the NHS, social service departments, local education authorities and the private sector throughout the UK and shipped abroad.

Last weekend the charity loaded a 45 foot truck from its stores at Dishforth Airfield bound for Moldova, the first time it had delivered to the country.

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PhysioNet volunteers were joined by Andrew Jones MP to load the truck – the third time the MP has joined the team to help with their activities.

Mr Thompson said: “This truck of care-in-the-community equipment is set to help disabled people in Riscani in the north-west of Moldova.

“It would almost be a scandal were this equipment, no longer useful to our own health service, to be simply skipped. PhysioNet ensures that it has a second life helping people overseas where otherwise that help would be unavailable or too costly.”

“We partner with many organisations across the globe such as National Disabled Persons Associations, Rotary and Lions Clubs etc.

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“On this occasion our partner is MAD-Aid; a UK based charity ensuring that medical aid is delivered to Moldova where there is a great need.”

MP Andrew Jones added: “I’ve known Peter and PhysioNet for many years.

“The work they do is tremendous and has worldwide impact.

“They have helped disabled people and health care providers from places as diverse as Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

“Helping PhysioNet load their trucks is a huge privilege because you know that you are part of a team helping disabled people with equipment that would otherwise help no one.”

“The PhysioNet team may never meet those who they help, which makes what they do more remarkable still.”

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