Charities rally behind Great Yorkshire Show after mobility equipment firm enters administration

Two charities have rallied behind the Great Yorkshire Show as close to 200 visitors with mobility issues were potentially left without access to equipment after a supplier slid into administration.

Hundreds of visitors to the show are believed to have hired electric wheelchairs or electric scooters from Cambridgeshire based company Mobility Hire 4 U. However with the show due to start tomorrow, and running until Thursday, organisers posted online this morning that they had been unable to find an alternative source, after learning that the company had entered into administration.

But this afternoon it was announced that manual wheelchairs will be available to those who hired equipment from the company, thanks to the Red Cross and Physionet.

A spokesperson said: "Great Yorkshire Show organisers can now offer all visitors who had hired mobility scooters through Mobile Hire 4 U, manual wheelchairs. About 70 people per day had booked wheelchairs or electric scooters through this company and thanks to the Red Cross and Physionet, we can now offer manual wheelchairs to those customers. These will be available at Orange Gate as normal and there will be no extra charge."