Changes to Ripon Morrisons: Big expansion plans announced

A planning application has been submitted to expand Ripon's Morrisons store - including increasing the number of parking spaces available for customers, creating an enlarged cafe and warehouse, and increasing the size of fresh food counters.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 12:12 pm
Updated Monday, 11th March 2019, 12:18 pm
A planning application has been submitted to expand Ripon's Morrisons store.

A planning statement prepared on behalf of the supermarket confirms that if the development is approved, the food store would be extended to the north, east and south elevations.

It reads: "The extensions will provide an enhanced glazed lobby, an increase in sales area and an enlarged warehouse to ease stock management issues that the store current faces. The application scheme seeks to provide a number of improvements to the Morrisons that will increase the circulation space for customers within the store; provide larger fresh food counters and more food preparation space; and create an enlarged customer café and warehouse.

"The key physical changes that will take place to the store to deliver these improvements are as follows: single storey extensions to the northern, southern and western elevations, comprising an extension to the sales area and café and a new entrance lobby; the creation of a new parking area for staff; alterations to the existing customer car park to improve circulation, and a modest increase in parking spaces from 355 spaces to 380 spaces.

"As a result of the above changes, the gross floor area of the Morrisons store will change from 4,237sq.m to 5,360 sq.m (+1,123 sq.m). The sales area will increase from 2,064 sq.m to 2,689 sq.m (+ 625 sq.m)."