Celebrations for family sharing special day with Royal couple

NADV 1307237AM11New babies. Mirek and Iwona Dorow with baby Jan. (1307237AM1)
NADV 1307237AM11New babies. Mirek and Iwona Dorow with baby Jan. (1307237AM1)

A couple from Harrogate are celebrating the birth of their own little prince who was born on the same day as the future King of England.

Baby Jan Dorow was born at Harrogate District Hospital at 11.01pm on Monday, July 22, weighing 9lb 3oz.

Proud mum Iwona and dad Mirek say they are “over the moon” that their son will share this special birthday with the future monarch.

“It’s very exciting, he will share a birthday with the Prince!” said Mirek, 36, a care assistant at Berwick Grange in Harrogate.

“It’s a big thing. It will be easy now for us to remember the Prince’s birthday - and Jan’s!”

Iwona, 34, said she had been following the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy with interest.

“I’ve been keeping track quite a bit,” she said. “I knew we were due at around the same time.

“My sister sent me a text message first thing on Monday morning to say that Kate had gone into hospital. She said I had to have the baby straight away!”

Iwona, originally from Poland, was due on Sunday. She went into labour at 1pm on Monday afternoon, heading straight to the hospital from the family home on Wedderburn Avenue in Starbeck.

“All the midwives and nurses were talking about it, and they all came out and told us when they announced she had a boy,” she said. “It was a hot topic!

“We’ve been following the news ever since, waiting to get a glimpse of the new Prince. I can’t wait to hear what he is called.”

For husband Mirek, one of the greatest excitements comes from the fact that the family are now entitled to a commemorative coin from the Royal Mint.

He is an avid coin collector and has already signed up to make sure baby Jan is sent one of the first specially commissioned silver pennies.

“Only the first 2,013 to apply will get a coin,” he said. “ I said to Mirek, today’s the day - I want one of those coins.

“I went straight home that night and researched it.”

Jan was one of three babies born in Harrogate on Monday.

The parents of Mia Margaret, born at 8.35pm weighing 6lb 12oz, also spoke to the Advertiser.

Kevin Livingstone and Jessica Peirson, of Lead Lane in Ripon, said they had managed to escape the hype of the entire day.

“We didn’t know until Mia was born that Kate had also been in labour,” said Jessica. “We were shocked when we heard!

“But I’m glad I didn’t have a telly in the room now, I’m glad I didn’t know.”