‘Case closed’ over Claude the cockerel

Claude with his owner Jane Gosney in happier times
Claude with his owner Jane Gosney in happier times

AN eerie silence has reigned over Bishop Monkton since the mysterious death of one of the village’s most popular residents.

Claude the cockerel was found strangled in his cage by owner Jane Gosney in May.

Four months later mystery prevails and police have admitted they have drawn a blank in the hunt for his killer.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police confirmed that with no arrests and no leads to follow the investigation into the bird’s death has been closed.

Claude’s death came after a long-running saga that saw five cockerels disappear from their homes around the village. Amazingly after his disappearnce Claude was found three miles away when an eagle eyed reader recognised him from a report in the Ripon Gazette. He was returned home, only to be found dead less than a month later. His killer had broken into a locked shed where Claude was being kept for his own safety.

However, there is hope that the sound of cockerels crowing could soon return to Bishop Monkton.

“We’ve got four of Claude’s young sons on the farm,” said Mrs Gosney, “and they are just starting to chime up.”