Can you help? Harrogate woman's heartbreak at loss of engagement ring with 'great sentimental value'

Can you help find the ring?
Can you help find the ring?

A relaxing Sunday morning stroll along Valley Drive led to heartbreak for a Harrogate woman last week, as she lost her engagement ring with huge sentimental value.

A symbol of 28 years of marriage, Mariam George said she "felt empty" after realising she had dropped the ring some time around 10:30am on September 24.

She said: "I am happy to offer a reward, I just want it back. It's of great sentimental value.

"When I got married my husband couldn't afford an engagement ring and bought this for me a few years later. It represents a hard start and a dream I guess."

Best described as a gold ring with two leaves crossed over, and two crystals on each vein of the leaves, Mariam is desperate to be reunited with something that holds so many special memories.

Can you help find the ring? Call Mariam George on 07969381139 with any information.