Can you help? Harrogate couple's desperate appeal in search for lost wedding ring

The interlocked ring was lost on TuesdayThe interlocked ring was lost on Tuesday
The interlocked ring was lost on Tuesday
A Harrogate couple are appealing for support to track down a treasured wedding and engagement ring which were lost in Harrogate this week.

The interlinked diamond and emerald rings were in a pink draw-string jewellery bag, together with two eternity rings, when they were last seen on Tuesday (August, 14) in the centre of Harrogate.

Jennifer Wylie visited a number of locations between 2.30 and 3.30pm, including I'Anson Jewellers & Goldsmiths on Beulah Street, Boots on Cambridge Street, HSBC on Prospect Crescent, and later Asda on Bower Road between 3.30 and 4.30pm. On returning home at approximately 5.00pm she realised that the jewellery was no longer in her handbag.

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CCTV footage is believed to show she still had the bag at Boots at the time she left the store, however despite footage from other businesses it is unclear when it was lost.

She had only just returned home from holiday on Monday, with her husband, Mike, when the rings went missing. North Yorkshire Police have also been contacted by Jennifer, however despite her own attempts to track down the rings no-one has yet contacted the couple. They are now offering a reward to see the rings returned.

Jennifer said: "Please if anyone does find them could they go to, or call, I'Anson's Jewellers, who are familiar with the items as they clean and do the claw checks on the rings every year they and they actually made one of them. Alternatively they can contact the police who have a record of the loss. I had these rings for 29 years. The sentimental value of the rings far out ways the monetary value and I am desperate to have them back again."