Campaigning Harrogate students stay awake for Syria

Members of Rossett's Amnesty International Group share their event on Twitter with hashtag #withSyria (S)
Members of Rossett's Amnesty International Group share their event on Twitter with hashtag #withSyria (S)

A group of campaigning students showed their support of people suffering in Syria during an organised stay-awake.

The pupils, from Harrogate’s Rossett School, were all members of the school’s Amnesty International group and held their overnight vigil to highlight the effect of the war on communities 3,000 miles across the globe.

Staying awake at the school, they spent the night keeping their energy levels up with food various activities, including a mass star-jumping session at 3am and sessions of poster making.

Teacher Dan Grainger helped students organise the evening event.

He said: “It was a fantastic night and great to see so many of our students getting involved.

“People have been holding vigils for Syria around the UK and the world, so it was good for our students to feel part of an international campaign.

“We have an active Amnesty International group at Rossett and the members were keen to take part.

“We have all been shocked by the suffering in Syria as a result of the conflict. What struck our members is that the people affected are ordinary Syrians, including children and teenagers like Rossett students, and they wanted to show solidarity with them.”

The students also took to Twitter to share their event.

Using the hashtag #withSyria, they raised the issues important to them. These include Lewis Blundell, who tweeted: “I’m doing the stay awake for Syria because it’s great to help countries who have less money #withSyria.”

Konnor Bollon tweeted: “I am doing the stay awake to help other countries who are more unfortunate than us and need support #withSyria.”

And Ellie Broom: “#WithSyria Doing this tonight because we have so much and they have so little.”

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