Well-known Yorkshire Tea icon 
Little Urn gets a little brother

Little Urn's little brother made by Corgi. A 1:84 scale model of the much-loved mascot of Yorkshire Tea.
Little Urn's little brother made by Corgi. A 1:84 scale model of the much-loved mascot of Yorkshire Tea.

Little Urn, the much loved mascot of the ‘proper brew’, has already travelled far and wide to spread the word of Yorkshire Tea, but a miniature version of the tea making van is set to make the journey to hundreds of homes across the country this month with the launch of Little Urn’s ‘Little Brother’.

The 1:84 scale die-cast metal model – of which there are only 1886 – has been designed and manufactured by renowned maker of collectable toys, Corgi.

Dom Dwight, brand communications manager at Yorkshire Tea said: “In the six years he has been on the road there has always been a lot of love for Little Urn and it never ceases to amaze us how excited people are to see him.

“Wherever we go, people are always surprised to find out there is only one Little Urn and that yes, he is the same one that went to America – thanks to the arrival of his Little Brother we’ve now got the huge fleet of Little Urns everyone thought we must have had all along!

“The only difference is that Little Urn’s Little Brother doesn’t come with a hot cup of Yorkshire Tea like his big brother, so you’ll have to brew up yourself. But as consolation our exclusive Corgi collectable could well be worth much more in years to come – just remember to keep the box!”

Corgi Premiums manager, Alistair Cottell said: “When Yorkshire Tea approached us about producing a model of Little Urn it was a real honour to be working with such a renowned brand.

“The challenge for us was to re-create the character of the vehicle in miniature, and we are thrilled with the result; a true collector’s item.”

Collectors and tea fans alike can purchase their very own piece of Yorkshire Tea history for £5 (inc p&p) by visiting the Yorkshire Tea Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/yorkshiretea

The model will also be available to buy at www.yorkshiretea.co.uk, along with other Yorkshire Tea collectables and of course the tea itself, from this August onwards.

You can also keep up to date with his big brother’s tea travels across the country by following Yorkshire Tea on Twitter @YorkshireTea.