Web poll - do you think the Olympics will benefit the district?

The Olympic torch changing hands on West Park in Harrogate last month.
The Olympic torch changing hands on West Park in Harrogate last month.

With the Olympics just around the corner we’re asking if you think London 2012 will benefit more than just the capital city.

There has been a lot of talk, mainly from organisers, that the Olympics will benefit the whole country and not just London.

It is thought that at least one company in the area has helped with the construction of the Olympic Park in Stratford, London, but they were contractually obliged to not publicise their work.

But does that extend elsewhere in the district? Do you think the Olympics will be a boost for the whole country, or is it primarily of benefit to the south-east.

Some people have argued that London doesn’t need the help of the Olympics as it is already on the global map and by far and away the wealthiest city in the country.

Detractors say it should’ve been held in another city such as Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow or Edinburgh.

They say a better transport infrastructure could’ve been built in any of these cities that would be preferable to the crowded London Underground.

But would we have got the Olympics if our bid was for another city that doesn’t have the draw and cache of London. Would, say, Leeds have really been able to compete against Paris when it came to the Olympic committee voters?

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The results of the vote will be printed in the newspaper on Thursday.

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