VIDEO: National Apprenticeship Week

To coincide with National Apprenticeship Week which runs from March 11 to March 15 Harrogate based Barker Brooks Communications have launched an Apprenticeship Guide App.

MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough, Andrew Jones hosted the launch at King James’s School in Knaresborough.

He said: “The Apprenticeship Guide has been available in schools and libraries for a few years, but this app makes the information available instantly.”

The free app available for iPhone incorporates many features of Barker Brooks’ Apprenticeship Guide and includes information on available schemes, employers and learning providers.

Barker Brooks’ chairman Les Charneca said: “Creating a free app is a natural progression for us.

“We’re already in print and online, so where else could we go except onto our users’ phones?”

Ben Rushton, business development manager at Barker Brooks said: “apps are the way that young people are gathering information nowadays.

“The guide being on their smart phone will encourage young people to share the information with their parents more so than they perhaps would with a book.”

Mr Rushton stressed the importance of apprenticeships. He said: “If UK plc is to stay competitive and fit we need more people taking apprenticeships and developing the skills that are required.”

Mr Jones said: ““We have a low rate of unemployment in our area and a 22 percent increase in people in apprenticeships since 2009/10 has helped that rate has stay low.

“It is vital that people who are considering applying have regular access to the right information so that they can get on track to a career, meaning they can better provide for themselves and their families.

“Many of the businesses I meet report difficulties acquiring staff with the skill set they need and apprenticeships can be the answer to that.”

He added: “The app is another triumph for Barker Brooks, I am always proud to see local businesses having national success.”