Rubbish left to pile up for a month

tis  Bins on the back street between Albany Road and Burke Street.  (130311M2a)
tis Bins on the back street between Albany Road and Burke Street. (130311M2a)

Harrogate Borough Council will continue to roll out fortnightly wheelie bin collections to a further 10,000 homes, despite rubbish being left for a month in pilot scheme areas.

Residents are furious after they were told rubbish was not collected from houses on Albany Road and Burke Street in the Woodfield area last week as parked cars blocked the back lane, and they must wait another two weeks until their next collection date.

Albany Road resident Debbie Dilasser said: “When I spoke to the council they said we would have to wait another fortnight. It isn’t good enough.”

The terraced streets in the Woodfield area are part of a fortnightly wheelie bin collection pilot scheme but refuse trucks are unable to drive up the back lane if parked cars block the way.

Mrs Dilasser said: “Residents are careful not to park in the way but visitors don’t know.

“The trucks don’t fit down the back street; this scheme doesn’t work for terrace houses.

“I don’t see why the bin-men can’t take the bins to the truck if the truck can’t fit up the street.”

Burke Street resident Hannah Ruddy said this wasn’t the first time rubbish had been left for four weeks.

She said: “It has happened twice before.

“The lack of communication is an issue. They don’t explain when they haven’t collected; they don’t say why or when the collection will be done again unless you chase it up with the council.”

Albany Road resident Louise Terrza said: “I live on the end terrace and we often had the bin-men knocking on the door asking if it was our cars parked there and if we could move it.

“They don’t seem to bother now. I think the bin-men are fed up with it too.”

She added: “We’ve got two kids so have a lot of waste. By the time four weeks has gone by it’s disgusting – the kids can’t play in the lane with their friends.”

Mrs Dilasser praised the responce of ward councillor Greta Knight who she asked for help.

Coun Knight said: “I have asked the council if they would be able to do a special collection but have yet to hear back.

“I know the residents try to recycle as much as they can but they still have household waste that needs to be collected.

“It isn’t good enough that these people will have to wait another two weeks.”

A spokesperson from Harrogate Borough Council said: “When the street is blocked like this we can’t get a vehicle down and our crews do not have time to pull wheeled bins down the length of the street.

“The crew returned a couple of times to see if the car had been moved but it had not. We apologise to the residents and have notified them that we will take extra waste on the next due collection day.”

Mrs Ruddy said: “I think what’s most worrying is that it looks like this will be rolled out across Harrogate without the council asking us for feedback.”