Petrol stations ‘not concerned’ by panic buyers

Reports of panic-buying of petrol are said to have been exaggerated. (S)
Reports of panic-buying of petrol are said to have been exaggerated. (S)

REPORTS of people panic-buying petrol across Harrogate are being exaggerated, according to petrol stations.

Several garages have told the Advertiser that, although the forecourts are busy, they are not worried about supplies.

Tony Vann, who owns the Woodlands Garage in Harrogate, said: “There’s a marginal increase in people buying petrol.

“But it’s nothing to get excited about and BP have kept me well supplied.”

He said he thought part of the increase in trade elsewhere was down to reports that the Esso garage in Dragon Road was short on supplies.

Its site manager, Stevie Hogan, said: “We are running low on fuel - I think people are panic buying.”

But he said he thought some of the rush was down to the good weather, prompting people to take day trips, and said the number of people visiting the garage was no more than a routine busy day.

Other garages reported that business was busier than usual, but said they were not concerned about supplies.

Concerns were raised nationally after fuel tanker drivers with Unite agreed to take strike action. The government has advised people to top up their tanks and perhaps keep a spare can of fuel in the garage for emergencies.

But Prime Minister David Cameron also said: “I absolutely do not want to raise the temperature on this any more than is necessary.”

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