Online town guide launched

Two Harrogate residents have created what they say is a complete online guide to the town.

Anil Govind and Scott Tehrani say they’ve always been passionate about their hometown, but recognised that some of its highlights are small independent businesses that can be hard to find online. highlights the town’s hotspots as well as “those hidden cultural gems that tourists often miss”.

Mr Govind said: “We want to represent our town online in the right way using our collective web experience to provide our visitors with a great user experience and help grow a community of information, tips and advice.”

The site helps users find the top-rated places to stay, dine and visit, and allows them to share their own experiences and help other tourists find the town’s hidden gems.

Mr Govind added: “In just under three months of launch our traffic is huge and continuing to grow – we are now at 14,000 per month.”