No housing at the Lido Leisure Park

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Houses should not be built at the Lido Leisure Park, Harrogate Borough Council Cabinet agreed last night (Wednesday February 6).

Cabinet unanimously voted to support a report which stated that Manse Farm represents the best site to meet Knaresboroughs housing requirements and the Lido Park site should not be used for housing.

Knaresborough Town Councillor, Andy Wright said: “I am absolutely delighted that the council have come to their senses over this and that those who live on the Lido Park can feel more secure.”

The site at the Lido Park was put forward as a possible site for up to 300 new homes in Harrogate Borough Council’s Local Development Plan.

A public consultation was held and the council received over 300 objections.

Planning officials recommended the land at the Lido Park to be dropped from the LDF, and the number of houses proposed for Manse Farm to be increased to 700.

At the Cabinet meeting Coun Alan Skidmore said: “The official report finds the site is not ideal to be involved.

“It has had a public consultation, which went on for longer than normal, nearly 390 responses were received, 311 of these were objections.”

He added: “I believe that what the officers are now recommending is that the 300 housing units that were due to go on to the land will now be moved up to Manse Farm, which was considered before we took up the Lido idea.

“So there will be 700 houses in the plan for Manse Farm, There is also some land planned to be used for employment.”

Coun Wright doesn’t feel that moving the housing allocation is the best decision, he said: “They are putting them all at Manse Farm, but there are other options.”

The planning officers report recommended 5 hectares of employment land, however Cabinet voted to agree just half of that, 2.5 hectares to be included in the plan.

Prior to the meeting Coun Ivor Fox said he thought the suggestion for employment land would be objected to as there a more suitable alternatives.

Coun Wright is now calling for Harrogate Borough Council to ‘regularise’ the Lido Park so residents can live there 12 months a year and pay council tax.

He said: “It would help the council get council tax and it would help Knaresborough because at the moment the people living at the Lido Park aren’t counted when it comes to providing social provisions such as doctors.”

Harrogate Borough Council’s District Development Committee will make the final decision on the plans for the Lido Park on February 13, it is expected they will agree with Cabinet and planning officials.