'Luxury' apartment plans prompt Harrogate residents to call for affordable housing

Newby are already on site creating the first lot of 62 apartments. Credit: French PR Ltd.

Residents have called for 'council houses' or 'normal non-luxury flats' in Harrogate as plans are submitted for another 'luxury' town centre development.

Readers on the Harrogate Advertiser Facebook page have questioned the need for more luxury apartments in town after Harrogate-based developer Newby announced plans to build 62 apartments on Springfield Court.

Newby are already on-site building the first 35 apartments, which have been granted planning permission, but the company has now submitted plans to create 27 more.

But reader, Joan Herrington, said: "why do all apartments have to be luxury".

Other readers, Neil Harper called for "some council houses" in the wake of the news, while Jem Henderson said: "or some normal non luxury flats".

Another reader, Tommy Deux, added: "How big is the waiting list for council housing again?" and Andy Pretty added: "Nice. Flats for rich people. Just what is needed."

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