Investment in market research centre

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A new research facility has been launched by a Wetherby-based market research company to help international companies develop personal care and hair products which will be sold across the UK and Europe.

Following demand from clients serving global markets, Swift Research has invested more than £50,000 expanding its innovative Innervisions research centre at its headquarters on Sandbeck Lane to include wet rooms for first-hand observational research into personal and hair care products.

Innervisions is a viewing and testing facility which has helped some of the world’s leading manufacturers and fragrance houses launch and improve thousands of products which are now in daily use in households across the UK and Europe. The centre is used by companies including Reckitt Benckiser, Procter and Gamble, Colgate, Takasago, International Flavors & Fragrances and Firmenich.

Kate Binner, research manager at Swift, said: “Innervisions continues to provide flexible research facilities to generate invaluable insights for clients into how consumers interact with new or existing products.

“Through one way glass, they can see the reactions of consumers and watch how products are actually used.

“Video cameras and flat screen televisions also enable product developers to gain a valuable insight into how customers interact with their products either live or recorded.

“The information gleaned from these sessions has helped to shape countless products which have become hugely successful day-to-day items for consumers around the world.”

The Innervisions centre provides a range of facilities including one way viewing of focus groups, in depth interviews and hall testing plus a full laundry lab for testing products and fragrances.

A suite of four enclosed wet rooms complete with wash basin, shower and seat are the latest addition to the facility. Each wet room has a computer directly outside so that consumers can give immediate feedback on their product experience.

Kate added: “We also find that through using Innervisions, clients benefit from an acceleration of the product development process. Product changes can be quickly made to ensure it has maximum appeal to its target market.

“In an often crowded market place, our Innervisions facility and expertise in personal care research gives new products the best possible chance of success and these expanded services can only enhance this process.”

Swift’s research manager Kate Binner at the new facility in Wetherby.