Harrogate Town to seal time capsule until 2114

Tour de France in Harrogate. Picture by Adrian Murray (1407051AM70)
Tour de France in Harrogate. Picture by Adrian Murray (1407051AM70)

How would you like Harrogate to be seen in 100 years ‘time?

Harrogate Town AFC will mark the opening of its new stand at the CNG Stadium by burying a time capsule - sealed until 2114!

The formal opening ceremony will take place on November 1, and the club is asking ‘Advertiser Series readers what should be popped into the capsule, to capture Harrogate life in 2014.

Town’s Managing Director Garry Plant said: “The club will be putting together a time capsule to be incorporated in the stand which will be sealed to be opened in 2114.

“The contents will include photos and articles from the recent centenary celebrations as well as photos and memorable events the club has had over the last 100 years.

“Is there anything in particular you feel should be included in the time capsule, your favourite moment of history sealed away for the future, 2114, infinity and beyond?”

We plan to place a copy of the ‘Advertiser in the capsule, and we want to hear your ideas.

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